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Goth Music: From Sound to Subculture

by Isabella van Elferen and Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock


Goth Music: From Sound to Subculture is a co-authored study in which Isabella van Elferen and I seek to reorient goth subcultural studies back onto the music that we assert is at its core. As part of this study, we focus in depth on 12 songs that we consider representative of different goth substyles. Because hearing these songs is essential to the study, I provide a link to each one below. Click on the image next to the band name and title to hear the song.


Specimen, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
Deine Lakaien, "Slowly Comes My Night"
Alien Sex Fiend, "Dead and Buried"
Omnia, "The Well"

The Beauty of Gemina, "Suicide Landscape"

Triarii, "Fatalist"
Nick Cave, "Red Right Hand"

Xandria, "Vampire"

Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows, "Ich wollte hinaus in den Garten"

VNV Nation, "Joy"

Combichrist, "Sent to Destroy"

Converter/Asche/Morgenstern, "In Hell"

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