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Publication news!  Giving the Devil His Due: Satan and Cinema now has a cover and will be out from Fordham University Press in the fall of 2021. Pop Culture for Beginners is listed in Broadview Press's catalog for the fall, although there isn't a cover yet. And Now For Something Completely Different: Critical Approaches to Monty Python is available from Edinburgh University Press. 

Plus, my YouTube presence is up 200%  In February of 2021, I opened up the PopMec "50 Shades of Gothic" conference series. You can watch the interview with me here


On the music front, I created a one-hour DJ mix for the FiXT recording label of some of the bands on their roster, which they've now released. Included are Celldweller, Circle of Dust, The Anix, Comaduster, and Signal Void, among others. Click here to listen.

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Current Projects

Gothic Things
Satan & Cinema

Much has been made of the twenty-first century "non-human turn"--a contemporary paradigm that, as Richard Grusin characterizes it, "decenter[s] the human in favor of a turn toward and concern for the nonhuman." My argument in this study will be that this has always been the thematic and affective terrain of the Gothic, a genre organized around human anxiety concerning the uncanny animacy of the non-human. This book will explore the ways in which the Gothic makes things--material objects--central and enacts a non-human turn avant la lettre.

Edited with Regina Hansen of Boston University, this scholarly collection will explore the ways in which the cinema both reflects and shapes Western conceptions of evil, divinity, and justice as embodied by the figure of the Devil. From Georges Méliès' early experiments with film to contemporary movies such as Constantine, representation of Satan on the silver screen suggests shifting conceptions of the place and role of the human within the universe.


Pop Culture for Beginners

Gothic Melville

Under contract with Broadview Press, Pop Culture for Beginners will be an introductory a textbook for undergraduate course adoption introducing students to the history of the study of popular culture, outlining various theoretical approaches, and then offering brief, adaptable units for implementation in such courses

Edited together with Monika Elbert, this collection of scholarly essays will consider the Gothic elements of Herman Melville's prose and poetry.


The Routledge Introduction to the American Ghost Story

Co-authored with Scott Brewster, this study explores the American ghost story as a specific genre or mode, one that cannot be relegated to a subcategory of the American Gothic. It will examine the formal and thematic characteristics of the ghost story in the United States, and will trace its historical development from Puritan and Enlightenment origins to its high point in the nineteenth century and continued vibrancy in modern literary and visual culture.