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Gothic Things: Dark Enchantment and Anthropocene Anxiety is now available from Fordham University Press!


The Society for the Study of the American Gothic made its debut this past spring at the American Literature Association conference in Boston. We've now got a Facebook group and a webpage and a symposium is in the works. Please stay tuned! Meanwhile, the Modern Language Association Gothic Studies Forum will host two sessions and a roundtable at the 2024 MLA Convention in Philadelphia!

On the DJ front, I'm pleased to announce that I will be DJing the Halloween Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia on October 28th, 2023!

Current Projects


The Routledge Introduction to the American Ghost Story

Co-authored with Scott Brewster, this study explores the American ghost story as a specific genre or mode, one that cannot be relegated to a subcategory of the American Gothic. It will examine the formal and thematic characteristics of the ghost story in the United States, and will trace its historical development from Puritan and Enlightenment origins to its high point in the nineteenth century and continued vibrancy in modern literary and visual culture.


Gothic Melville

Edited together with Monika Elbert, this collection of scholarly essays will consider the Gothic elements of Herman Melville's prose and poetry.

Miss Flying Saucer.png

The Cambridge Introduction to Speculative Literature: Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror

dark disney.jpg
Gothic Disney:
Dark Shadows in the House of Mouse

I will be authoring this textbook for Cambridge University Press. This is most assuredly not the cover for it!

Edited together with Lorna Piatti-Farnell, this collection will explore Disney's dark side.

Shining Carpet.jpg

The Horror Theory Reader

Prepared for the University of Minnesota Press, this anthology will gather together writings that explore the oxymoronic appeal of horror.

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