• Reviews of The Mad Scientist's Guide to Composition

          Aaron Pinnix for Supernatural Studies

          Rebekah Phillips for the University of Delaware "One Hundred Ten"


  • Reviews of The Monster Theory Reader

          Jesse Kavadlo for Pop Matters, 14 April 2020

  • Reviews of Goth Music: From Sound to Subculture

          Zeitschrift für Fantastikforschung 2/2016. 130-34.

  • Reviews of The Age of Lovecraft

          Publisher's Weekly (April 2016)

         Alternate History Weekly (April 5, 2016).

         The Los Angeles Review of Books (March 2017)

  • Reviews of The Works of Tim Burton: Margins to Mainstream


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  • Reviews of The Ashgate Encyclopedia of Literary Monsters. 


CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Librarians 51:51-5922 (July 2014). RECOMMENDED title.           

Jonathan Barnes in Times Literary Supplement (London), Dec. 19 and 26, 2014: 35.

John Byrne on RTÉ Radio (Ireland).  Also accessible for those with iTunes HERE.

           John Edgar Browning for Dead Reckonings: A Review of Horror Literature 15 (2014):    


           D.K. Frasier in Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Librarians 51.11 (July 2014).     

                        RECOMMENDED title

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                        2014): 32-33.

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  • Reviews of The Vampire Film: Undead Cinema


Stacey Abbott in Science Fiction Film and Television 7.1 (Spring 2014): 146-50.

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  • Reviews of Charles Brockden Brown


Michael Cody for The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 24.1 (2013): 101-103.

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  • Reviews of Approaches to Teaching Poe’s Prose and Poetry 


            Dale E. Peterson for Poe Studies 42 (2009): 148-52.



  • Reviews of Scare Tactics: Supernatural Fiction by American Women


            Dorri Beam for Legacy 27.1 (2010): 215-17.

            Jessica Jernigan for Bitch Magazine 42 (Winter 2009): 80-81.

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  • Reviews of Taking South Park Seriously


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  • Reviews of The Rocky Horror Picture Show


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  • Reviews of Reading Rocky Horror: The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Popular Culture


            Kevin McEwen for Time Warp: The official U.K. Rocky Horror Fan Club. 11 July 2009.



  • Reviews of The Pedagogical Wallpaper: Teaching Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wall-paper


            Jane Greer, “Letting Our Students’ Voices “Out at Last.” Pedagogy 4.2 (Spring 2004):

           Karla J. Murphy, “The Pedagogical Possibilities of Covering Gilman’s Wallpaper.”

                        Pegagogy 4.2 (Spring 2004): 337-343.





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